We had a lengthy court session on May 18th with both sides presenting. The judge’s decision was to keep the TRO in place on Parcel B. This means that Toll Brothers cannot continue to build the Parcel B Penthouse, which is higher than allowed per the building plans. Right now, they are allowed to keep building on Parcel A – the larger building closer to the Brooklyn Bridge – but the judge is closely examining all facts about this building too.

The judge is reviewing and will return his decision in 45 days.  This means we will be able to continue our fight to return both buildings to their original specifications if the decision is returned in our favor.

Please be on the lookout for a summary of press coverage here in the next few days.

TOWN HALL  on 6/2

We will be having a town hall meeting on Tuesday, June 2 where we will update the community and our supporters on this matter. Refreshments will be served. We will forward details later this week.

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