No Word Yet from Judge Knipel on SV-1 Violation

Pier 6 Needs Your Support on June 7th

The Pierhouse SV-1 Violation
The last court appearance regarding Toll Brothers’ violation of the Brooklyn Promenade Scenic View District (“SV-1”) was on February 4, 2016. Judge Knipel has yet to hand down his decision on whether he will let the case move forward. We are surprised by the amount of time that has passed since the court date, and we have received no word from the judge.

The SV-1 violation is very straight forward: Toll Brothers moved the Scenic View District borders in order to affect the measurement of SV-1, so that they could oversize the penthouse apartment on top of the Pierhouse condo building. The NYC Parks Department planning documents, the Pier 1 leases and even diagrams by Toll Brother’s architect, Jonathan Marvel dated 2013, show the SV-1 borders correctly. It was only in 2015 that Toll Brothers decided to change the borders without any public disclosure, shrinking the protected region ­– the only protected Scenic View Plane in New York City. The U.S. Attorney, the NY Attorney General and the FBI should investigate this sleight-of-hand ploy as another potential Mayor de Blasio pay-to-play real estate corruption case.

The Pier 6 Vote
We now have confirmation that the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp Board will be voting on whether to build the proposed Pier 6 towers shortly. It is indefensible for the City to move forward with the plans to develop Pier 6.  First and foremost, Brooklyn Bridge Park (the “Park”) does not need any additional funding, which is the standard necessary for building residences in the Park. Real estate values have dramatically increased from the original estimations in 2005, and extra square footage has been added to the original plans for the income producing developments of Pier 1, Empire Stores, and John Street. It’s evident that Brooklyn Bridge Park has more than enough income. Not surprisingly, this was confirmed in a recent independent study using NYC’s proper auditing rules and procedures.

The Park is also already overcrowded and it is not yet finished. It is irresponsible of the Mayor and his appointed Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp Board to permanently take any more Park space from the public and turn it over for private use for the benefit of a developer. If the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp cannot live within what is likely the highest budget per square foot for any park in the world, then we need to find more fiscally responsible management by installing new board members.

Come Show Your Support on June 7th
It is time to show Deputy Mayor, Alicia Glen, and the other Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp (“BBPC”) Board members that we will not stand by silently while they disregard the commitment to build only what housing is necessary to support the Park.

Please add your voice to the next BBPC Board meeting:
Tuesday, June 7th,, 9AM
5 MetroTech – the NYU Dibner Library

The meeting starts at 9:00 am, but try to get there by 8:45 so you can register to speak.You can read more about the Pier 6 issue in the WSJ article here: