Squibb Park is a little area that does double duty. It serves as a playground for the grade school children from PS 8 just 2 blocks away on Middagh Street and as an entrance way to the Brooklyn Bridge Park from the intersection of Columbia Heights and Middagh via the Bouncing Bridge.  When the vacant Cold Storage warehouse was demolished it transformed the space in a bright and airy playground as can be seen in this photo:SquibbParkBeforePiewhouse

Unfortunately for Squibb Park and our grade school children, the over-sized Pierhouse is now casting an even larger shadow and blocking even more of the waterfront views. Instead of seeing the Brooklyn Bridge our PS 8 students will be looking into hotel rooms and peoples bedrooms.


Improving the views from Squibb Park for generations of children is a missed opportunity. It is unfortunate that this was not given greater consideration in the hotel design.

We cannot afford to loose any more of these protected iconic views. The general public only learnt about the extra floors by observing the construction of the Pierhouse.  It is now estimated to be 40’ to 50’ feet above the maximum 100’ height written on page 4 of the Pier 1 Hotel and Residential Development Presentation of Proposals.

Construction needs to be halted pending a full review of the current construction, the development of a remediation plan to bring the hotel building into compliance with the FEIS and Proposal and a full review of the plans for the residential structure to insure that there are no visual impairments from all other important viewsheds.

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