It is obvious from the above picture that the developer of the Pierhouse is ignoring the building height restriction codified in the Final Economic Impact Statement (FEIS). Earlier this year the Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA) notified the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation (BBPC) that they are not in compliance with the original Pierhouse planned height limit of 100’. If the Pierhouse had been in compliance the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building would still be visible in this picture.  The creative response from the BBPC can be summarized as:

  •            The flood plane was raised after Sandy by 4’ therefore we can raise the building by 4’
  •            NYC zoning rules say that bulkheads do not count in building height therefore we can add 30’ of equipment bulkheads to the roof despite what we told you in the FEIS that the 100’ included all parapets and equipment.
  •           The developer wants to put a restaurant on the roof and needs to comply with ADA regulation and provide elevator service. That elevator needs an addition 10’ or so for overrun area therefore that does not count.

To summarize according to the BBPC:   100’ + 4’ + 30’ + 10’ = 100’

building height

We are calling on Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to:

  • immediately call a halt to the construction
  • develop a restoration plan to restore the Pierhouse hotel building on parcel A to 100’ with no adjustments to the original plan
  • confirm that the Pierhouse residential building on parcel B will not pierce the 55’ limit stated in the FEIS
  • form a community oversight committee with the power to approve or disapprove any future modification

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