Brooklyn’s Eric L. Adams Questions Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation

In a letter addressed to Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation’s Regina Meyers, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams responds to the many inquiries made by Brooklyn’s residents about the construction of the Pierhouse and the obstruction of the views enjoyed by the entire world. President Adams requests a point-by-point response.

See the letter mailed to Regina Meyers on March 10th below. This letter was also e-mailed to residents today, March 20th.

The letter considers the intricacies of the park’s plans while officially addressing what was presented in the 2006 Design Guideline for Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. As you know, we have been pressing for the same answers.

As such, we request additional clarity about:

• Compliance with maximum height restrictions for Building 1 and Building 2 in the 2006

Modified GPP, as well as concerns with the starting point of measurement for these height


• Compliance with height limits by bulkheads on Building 1, which are 23 and 30 feet in

height above the 100 feet height maximum.

• The official status of2006 Design Guidelines for Pier 1.

We thank Brooklyn President Adams and hope you will join our letter writing campaign to Adams, Mayor Bill De Blasio and Governor Mario Cuomo.  It’s easy – click here for details. 


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Eric L. Adams Questions Brooklyn Bridge Park

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