Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron and City Councilmember Stephen Levin released the following joint statement regarding the Save the View Now and Brooklyn Heights Association lawsuit regarding the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 project:

“This Special Scenic View District designation was established to protect the historic view of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights promenade. While we have long opposed luxury development in Brooklyn Bridge Park, everyone has always agreed that any development must comply with the Special Scenic View District.

At the request of our constituents, including Save the View Now and the Brooklyn Heights Association, we have reviewed the Zoning Resolution establishing the Scenic View District and the SV-1, as well as calculations from the developer and city pertaining to the Pier 1 project. It is our view that SV-1 zoning rules have been incorrectly applied.

This incorrect application should be addressed, and compliance with the SV-1 zoning rules should be ensured.”

City Councilmember Stephen Levin’s Affidavit is attached HERE.


Councilman Levin’s Affadavit