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6 Months Later – Judge Sides with the Developer

The Judge’s decision cuts a legal path for developers to ignore both laws and negotiated agreements once they get approval for building projects. It also deprives citizens of any say in the growth and development of their neighborhoods. And, most importantly, because the case was discarded on technicalities, none of the profound questions it raised, such as, was there a political agreement by the city to ignore the issue in return for political donations, or was the judicial system manipulated, will ever be answered.

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We need your help to take our issue to the next level of leadership: the Governor, the Mayor and the Brooklyn Borough President. Senator Squadron’s office has been pivotal in getting the temporary stop work order. Governor Cuomo, Mayor De Blasio and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams have the authority to investigate further and/or stop work on the entire site, review plans and enforce compliance with the agreements made with the public.

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